Lofi Radio

24/7 Lofi Hip Hop For You

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Key / Main Commands

The main commands of the bot, you can see a full documentation of the commmands here

+play station (+play chilledcow) - The bot will join the voice channel you're in and will play the station you chose.

+stop - The bot will leave the voice channel.

+mix - The start to play a lofi hip hop mix from a random playlist we have handpicked, this is good if the livestream is lagging slightly.

+volume 1 - 200 - The bot will change to the volume you specified.

Our Future Goals

What we are planning on doing with the bot

We plan to keep on developing the bot into the foreseeable future, we want to give you the best experience we can. We are hoping that lofi bot continues to grow and bring a strong and loving community behind it.

Have a good Friday!

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